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Ayumi Fujishiro enjoyed one of her greatest achievements as the world’s youngest Sake Service Institute Official Lecturer in 2017 when she was 28. She spent three years as an International Kikisake-shi (Sake Sommelier), before pursuing her passion in sake to become a Sake Service Institute Official Lecturer and Sake Taster, a league above the International Kikisake-shi.​



平成元年生まれ。東京都出身。2013年よりシンガポールにて日本の地域産品の販路拡大や文化啓蒙を行うIPPIN PTE. LTD.にてマーケティングに従事。2014年にシンガポールで初めて開催された国際唎酒師試験に合格後、2017年には上位資格である日本酒学講師、2021年には酒匠に認定される。出版社アルクより『日本酒オタクのほろ酔い英語』を出版。好きな漫画は平尾アウリ先生の『推しが武道館いってくれたら死ぬ』(徳間書店)


A Beginning Into Japan’s Traditional Arts


Ayumi was born into a traditional performing arts family. Her Grandmother was a traditional Japanese dancer and her uncle was a performer of a traditional Japanese puppet show. Ayumi herself has also always been familiar with Japanese traditional arts through her Shamisen (three-string instrument) lessons and traditional Japanese dance lessons. However, one day when she had the opportunity to visit the backstage of a show, she realized how much knowledge she lacked about the Japanese traditional arts. From that experience, Ayumi decided to study at Kyoritsu Women’s University, where she majored in dramatics and committed four years to study traditional arts performing, film study, and theatrics.​


A Sudden Hearing Loss Led Her To Singapore

A sudden incident in 2013 led Ayumi to lose her hearing in the right ear. This blow made her realize she must follow her dreams in making a name for herself and lead a meaningful life. After quitting her office job in Japan, Ayumi arrived in Singapore in 2014 to support small, medium Japanese enterprises. Ayumi is currently in Tokyo to expand Japanese sake & otaku culture all over the world.

Singlish And Sake


Communication skills are one of the practical skills that a Sake Service Institute Official Lecturer must-have. Being naturally gifted in this area, Ayumi has mastered Singlish in a short span of two years living in Singapore and enjoys speaking Singlish to her customers, colleagues, and business partners. This has allowed her to feel closer to Singaporeans and make more meaningful connections.

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